HydroSim Alpha v0.5.0.2

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    • Viewing saved replays wasn't working, now fixed.
    • Fixed incorrect buoy texture mapping when viewing saved replays.



    • Race clock is back to 5 minutes
    • Fixed UI scaling at resolutions above 1920x1080



    • Cinemachine camera system in place.
      • TV, blimp, and helicopter camera with multi-vehicle tracking. (PageUp and PageDown to cycle)
      • Manual fly camera (use WASD and mouse to control).
      • Swingman camera now rotates with the boat.
    • Created new buoy models.
    • Multiplayer chat.
    • Added physics to roostertails, so driving through will affect boat.
    • Added camera splash effects from roostertails.
    • Added penalties for dislodged buoys and jumped start.
      • During race session, dislodged buoys will subtract a lap and require driver to run an extra lap. If you leave course before running extra laps you will get a DNF.
      • During qualifying session, laps where a buoy is dislodged will be invalid and not counted towards best lap.
    • Added DNF, DNS, DQ to standings. DQ currently reserved for future use.
    • Added extra command line arguments for dedicated server:
      • maxPlayers - Integer, number of players allowed on the server. Default is 12.
      • tickRate - Integer, how many hz each client should update the server. Default is 20 (used to be 10).
    • Added some more boats that were posted in the Exhibition race thread.


    • Attempt to fix server time issues.
    • Attempt to make netcode prediction more accurate.
    • Flickering race standings.
    • Gray boxes rendering on remote boats.

    Download HydroSim v0.5.0.3 (Windows)

    Newer build available here

  • @Scott-Przybylski Awesome! Unfortunately it looks like the new version doesn't work well with eyefinity, all the boxes are zoomed way in and don't show my speed0_1522473295954_V5.jpg

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    @kbest45 Hmmm, not sure why your speed isn't showing up, but I can fix the ui elements being zoomed in real quick since I also forgot to set the race clock back to 5 minutes after testing things (its only 30 seconds, haha)

  • @Scott-Przybylski I think it has something to do with the zoom or the resolution. It shows my speed just fine if I turn off eyefinity.

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    @kbest45 ok, should be fixed

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    Another update, fixed some bugs with viewing saved replays.

  • @Scott-Przybylski the update is awesome

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    Some known issues:

    • Particle effect optimizations that were made prior to release seem to have broken the roostertail physics.
    • If 2 drivers have identical lap times, race results will flicker.
    • When looking behind, roostertail water spray effect happens on camera.
    • Boat spawn locations need to be fixed. Had some boats spawning on top of eachother.
    • Chat auto-scroll isn't working right.
    • Drivers shouldn't be removed from race standings until session changes/restarts.

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    I think I figured out a way to disable the camera water drop effects from the boat that the camera is targeting.

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    I fixed a few bugs, I'll probably put up a small update tonight.

    Nevermind, still working out some things. Will probably get it out sometime this weekend though.

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