HydroSim Alpha v0.3.0.1 (Timing fixes)

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    I had a hard drive failure this weekend, fortunately it was not my primary drive, also Windows was able to recover mostly everything (I still need to transfer all the good data to a new drive). Also, not to worry, all the HydroSim code is backed up to a remote repository. The weird part was my Unity3D install seemed to be one of the only things that got corrupted, so I had to re-install it. This required me to update to the newest version of Unity which may affect my ability to debug any issues with the current build of HydroSim server that's running.

    I should be able to fix the offline timing in the meantime, so I'll probably just put up a new version once I get that sorted out.

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    I got the offline timing fixed. The not being able to drive bug was caused by the server not updating the client with the current session status when joining and the session had already started. Still not sure how people are running 160+ mph laps.

    Also, I still need to look into issues when leaving the server and re-joining without restarting the game.

    I started playing around with adding terrain using TerraLand for importing real world terrain data:

  • @Scott-Przybylski this looks awesome! Curious...is there collision logic if you hit 'land'?

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    @kbest45 Yeah, you can collide with the land, I need to figure out how to make it less bouncy which will require digging into Unity's physic materials.

    I've been working on synchronizing the buoys from the server. In doing so I ran into some issues with unity when re-attaching the spring joints when re-setting the buoys, but I think I've got it sorted out. I added little ropes from the anchor to the buoy now to sort of give visual indication if the buoy is dislodged.


  • @Scott-Przybylski so how long do you think until the next update? Will it have the terrain?

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    Probably going to be a few weeks, still trying to sort some things out with the buoy synchronization and I haven't had much time this month to work on it due to work related things.

  • @Scott-Przybylski it still seems to be the case in offline mode, in both practice and qualifying mode, you can only see your fastest lap once you exit to the lobby. No lap times shown while running.

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    Update might be a ways off, I've had to put in a lot of overtime at my work recently.

  • @Scott-Przybylski hi scott, are you able to reset the server? For some reason it has stopped synchronizing?

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    OK, its reset

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