Dedicated Server help?

  • Hello, I been trying to get the game set up for a Dedicated Server but been having a problem. I have read what you had posted about adding? -nolog -dedicated -batchmode -nographics -serverIP -admin hydroadmin -maxPlayers 12 -tickRate 20 to the target file and the game wouldn't load. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I have my Target set up as this "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Game_Server\HydroSim-v0.5.5.0-win-x64\HydroSim.exe -nolog -dedicated -batchmode -nographics -serverIP -admin hydroadmin -maxPlayers 12 -tickRate 20"

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    Hey Steve,

    It probably loaded, you won't actually see a window pop up or anything. It runs in the background.

    After running that, bring up Task Manager ctrl+alt+esc. Click Details tab. You should see a HydroSim.exe process running. Also, to shut the server down, you'll need to do it through the task manager by killing the process.

  • @Scott-Przybylski Is there any way to name the server so other people can join?

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    @cp65 No, you'll just have to pass around the IP address for now. It will DNS resolve the address you put in which is why it works if you put in there.

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