HydroSim Alpha v0.6.2.3

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    • Fixed a bug that was adding a collider at 0,0,0 world coordinates which is in the middle of some of the courses. Hitting it would cause the boat to crash or get stuck.
    • Fixed issue with the rpm / speed readout dissapearing at certain resolutions.



    • Reverted Unity version. This should fix the crashes and server issues. I sent Unity bug reports, not sure anything will come of that.
    • Also includes the VR hotfix.

    v0.6.2.1 VR Hotfix

    • This fixes a bug when using VR mode that would make it so you couldn't re-join the course.
      This download is completely optional and the fix will be in the next version.
      Download VR Hotfix



    • Fixed some errors that were happening on the dedicated server that was breaking lots of things.
    • Fixed a performance issue with the detailed lap info.
    • Fixe Re-Centering when using SteamVR.



    • Can now toggle Best lap time / speed with Total time / average speed.
    • Can now display detailed lap info for each driver by clicking on their name.
    • HUD is now displayed for some of the camera views in VR.
    • Can now adjust steering sensitivy from the Controls tab in Settings.
    • Many more controls are now re-assignable. See the Input tab when launching the game.


    • Replaced fps/ping (ctrl+f) with fps/memory/network info and graphs.
    • Updated Crest to latest version.


    • Bug with wakes/audio not getting disabled for boats on the course when watching replay.
    • Fixed an error in the dedicated server.

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