Some bugs and some suggestions

  • Bugs:

    • #1 Join - wrong server address freezes the game.
    • #2 Cockpit camera - the view from the cockpit is darker

    Suggestions /Requests:

    • Lap times - A list of all lap times, not just the last and the best. This will create lap analysis options. Something on the example of * .XML log files from rfactor.

    • Cockpit camera - it could be useful to position the camera from the cockpit forward/backward and up/down

    • Replay - add the option of binding the "Pause" button for replay support

    • Buoys - the ability to quickly reset buoy positions on the server for everyone

    That's all for now :-)

    I will update ;-)

  • We can already reset buoys if you're signed in as an admin, which anyone can do with the password. As for the view from the cockpit being darker, we already know about it and I think Scott plans to fix it. The other suggestions are good if they're possible.

  • After the latest update (v0.6.1.0-p10), I can enjoy the normal view from the cockpit. Thank you!


    • #1 I don't see HUD in VR view

    • #2 In VR view. TV, blimp and heli cameras are far from the boat relative to those in monitor mode

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