windows 10 G290 Racing Wheel setup

  • could someone please help me? I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop. I had a Thrustmaster T80 racing wheel. the pedals stopped working and no one could figure out why. I saw that most people use the G290 wheel, so we broke down and bought one. Same issue.

    I have mapped the controls, updated the drivers, reloaded everything. nothing helps and I am fricken frustrated.

    the graphics lagged because of my graphics card so tell had me turn off VR mode. the pedals stilled worked and it no longer lagged. then suddenly the pedals stopped working.

    there has to be some way to make this work. I think I need someone that can tell me that my laptop needs to be set up like this and my game needs to be set up like that.

    Do I need the Logitech program or do I just use the control panel to set it up?

    I used to be PC savvy, but I feel like throwing it out the window right now. Thank you in advance.

  • I would recommend using the Logitech Gaming Software with the following settings (degrees of rotation is personal preference).

    0_1582425405995_G27 Settings.jpg

    As for the pedals not working, it might have something to do with the USB port it's pugged into. I had the same issue with my G27 recently and was able to fix it by moving to a different USB port. Since you're on a laptop, there may not be another port available.

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