Logitech G920 Setup

  • So I’ve downloaded the gaming software but when I go to input my controls everything pops up with joystick button 18. Then when I go to the run nothing happens.

  • Not sure what's going on there, but here are the Logitech Gaming Software settings I use for my G27. They should work on any Logitech wheel.
    0_1564626270442_G27 Settings.jpg

  • Here's what I have setup with my G920 for the game's input settings:
    Throttle - Joystick 1 axis 1 (gas pedal)
    Rudder - Joystick 1 axis 0 (turning the wheel)
    Horizontal - Joystick 1 axis 0
    Vertical - Joystick 1 axis 4 (I'm honestly not sure what this axis is so you may not need to change it)
    Canard - Joystick 1 axis 3 (clutch pedal)
    LookLeft - joystick 1 button 5 (left paddle "shifter")
    LookRight - joystick 1 button 4 (right paddle "shifter")

    Everything else I just left as-is, including the controls with "(+)" and "(-)"

  • @TinyBeard every time I try to input them it doesn’t give me the axis option. It just say joystick 1 button 18. Is that a setting with the wheel

  • @kylebipes You should be able to just double click on the input that you want to change and then press the pedal/button/turn the wheel to assign that action to the input. For example, if you want to map the throttle to the gas pedal, double click on the Throttle input and then press the gas pedal. It should say Joystick 1 axis 1 after you do that.

  • I was just thinking button 18 might be stuck activated so when you try to assign a control, it immediately detects button 18 since it's already activated. My G27 will do this if the shifter is in gear (usually 3rd) when I try to change a control assignment.

  • @cp65 what’s the best way to fix that?

  • The Logitech Gaming Software will indicate if any buttons are activated. If button 18 is constantly activated, press it a few times to try to get it unstuck. If that doesn't fix it, then the button is malfunctioning and you'll have to RMA it. RMA means you send it back to Logitech for repairs.

  • I got all that figured out but now my steering wheel won't bind.

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