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  • RE: HydroSim Physics testing v0.6.1.0-p6

    Update up! Merry Christmas!

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  • HydroSim Physics testing v0.6.1.0-p6

    Hey everyone, I've been working to try and make the hydroplane physics feel / look better and I would like feedback to tweak this before its released and ready to be used for league racing. I will post updates in this thread and welcome any feedback especially from those of you who have actually driven a hydro.


    Download Windows (v0.6.1.0-p6)

    Download Linux (v0.6.1.0-p6)


    • More tweaks to the tunnel physics to try and make it more realistic.
    • Canard now modifies the lift coefficients of the tunnel rather than height / angle which fixes an issue with the boat blowing over when you stomp on the canard pedal among other things.
    • Added basic wind simulation to the physics. Each course currently has wind setup in a fixed direction, it varies a little bit randomly.
    • Made some more tweaks to the water splash/spray particles.




    • More flighty (Probably too much)
    • More slidey
    • Less rolly


    • Made water spray less obnoxious
    • Canard pivot is now at the front of the wing where it should be.



    • More flighty?
    • More slidey?


    • Bug affecting camera/boat skin when entering course while replay is playing.



    • Fixed sunken ship simulator.
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  • RE: rfactor boat models

    The alpha channel of the texture controls the glossiness. I believe that black is matte and white is glossy. The existing textures use a grayish, I don't remember the exact value.

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  • RE: rfactor boat models

    Kallen Washburn made the UL / GP and several vintage models. Tom Mihelich made the original generic shovel nose hull.

    I mostly just did the texture UV mapping and putting the models in game.

    I probably have some source files on an old hd somewhere. Kallen might have some of the files. I believe there is a blender importer for the rfactor gmt mesh files.

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  • RE: HydroSim Alpha v0.6.0.4

    Released hotfix

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  • RE: HydroSim Alpha v0.6.0.4

    Released hotfix

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  • HydroSim Alpha v0.6.0.4



    • Bug that could cause the course length to be calculated incorrectly on the client.
    • Bug that would cause buoys that were dislodged to not reset their velocity properly when changing sessions or resetting buoys. This could cause buoys to detach and potentially get out of sync with the server.
    • Bug in the replay gui when connected to the server that would cause the driver name to not update / say the wrong name.



    • Bug where the server would disconnect all the clients when switching race courses.
    • Reduced height of skidfin spray and width of skidfin / prop spray.
    • Fixed start/finish buoy hovering above the water.



    • Big FPS drop at Guntersville.
    • General performance optimizations (should see general FPS increase).
    • Flickering shadows in Guntersville TV camera near pits.
    • Game not exiting properly.



    • Bug with connection timing out when connecting to the server.
    • Bug with replay not recording when first connecting to the server.



    • Trees / Vegetation to Seattle and Guntersville.
    • Added cranes to Seattle and Guntersville (sorry just static scenery for now).
    • Display settings menu with additional options for tweaking performance.
    • Control settings menu, currently just allows inverting the throttle/canard axis.
    • Race clock in replays. (Old replays will no longer work with this update).
    • Version number check when connecting to the server.
    • Cockpit camera.


    • Unity to version 2018.4 and other 3rd party package versions.


    • Time of day in replays.
    • Re-worked buoy net-code to hopefully fix levitating and sinking buoys
    • Issues with chopper cameras.
    • Issues with how throttle and canard inputs we're being handled.

    Note: Having issues getting Mac build to succeed, so removed from downloads for now.

    Download HydroSim

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  • RE: How do I make a dedicated server?

    @aidyj88 I have no idea what you're asking.

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  • RE: Ideas for future additions

    @TinyBeard That's an interesting idea. I'll look into making that an option.

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  • RE: Dedicated Server help?

    @cp65 No, you'll just have to pass around the IP address for now. It will DNS resolve the address you put in which is why it works if you put in there.

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