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  • HydroSim v0.6.4.0

    Download HydroSim



    • Fixed an issue in the water shader that was causing a pretty huge performance hit.
    • The exhaust guard on the turbine hydro hull was mapped to the wrong texture, it's now mapped to the
    • Made roostertail length shorter to be more realistic.
    • Fixed issue where roostertails would drift inwards in the turns.
    • Fixed issues with roostertail physics.
    • Fixed issue where boats would slide across the water when first spawning onto the course.
    • Fixed a bug where the distance traveled along the race course was calculated using the center of the boat instead of the front. This was causing some issues with gun jumping penalties getting added for legal boats.
    • Fixed an issue with the network stats in the ctrl+f debug display getting cutoff at certain resolutions.


    • Flags are now displayed on the HUD. This will help with awareness of penalties, start, last lap, finish, etc.
    • Current position is now displayed on the HUD.
    • Automated 1-minute pin penalties. The 1-minute pin is at the exit of turn 1 on all courses. This is disabled by default, but can be turned on in the server admin settings under Rules.
    • New nose camera.


    • Updated U-11 J&D's hull texture.
    • Updated the cockpit graphics, mainly pulled some more models/textures from HydroMod and tried to clean it up.
    • Updated Crest water library to latest.
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  • HydroSim v0.6.3.0 - H1 Unlimited E-League!

    Download HydroSim

    Big update! Several bugfixes and some new features for the H1 Unlimited's new E-League!



    • Added Piston Unlimiteds! Each team (in StreamingAssets) has an xml file now that specifies which hull to use along with other info, so custom piston paintjobs can be added.
    • Replaced all of the boats included in the game with the 2020 H1 Unlimited E-League teams.
    • Added Madison 2 mile course.
    • Added ability to specify server passwords.


    • Completely re-vamped replay list menu. Allows sorting, deleting, renaming replay files.
    • Re-worked netcode to make turns more accurate.
    • Guntersville course layout updated to match the 2019 course more closely.
    • Updated both Madison courses to have trees.
    • New UI button style thanks to Matt Johnson.
    • The nex/previous driver buttons for the camera now select the driver ahead or behind the current driver.


    • Bug where boats could collide with eachother in the solo-qualifying session.
    • Fixed an issue with the logic when connecting to the server, handshaking is now performed before the course loads.
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  • RE: HydroSim Sound Mod by ACER45

    It does work, you need to copy the "HydroSim_Data" folder out of the zip file and into the HydroSim folder.

    Not sure if this screenshot helps?


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  • RE: game won't start

    I'm not sure what the problem is, can you attach a screenshot of the error?

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  • RE: How do I make a dedicated server?

    The server is currently hardcoded to use port 25144 on both TCP and UDP. If you want other people to be able to connect to the server on the open internet, you will need to open the port on your firewall. If you're behind a router, which is likely, you'll need to login to the router and forward the port to your computer running the server.

    I updated the HydroSim page to mention this.

    In order for people to connect, they'll need your IP address to put into the Join input field.

    I plan on making a master server list, but haven't gotten around to it yet, hopefully soon.

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  • RE: 6.1.0 download problem

    @tjz5151 I put some recommendations in here:

    That is for newer desktops, I'm not sure about laptop graphics cards or if you can even swap them out.

    If you have an older desktop, the graphics cards listed in that thread might not work for you.

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  • HydroSim Alpha v0.6.2.3

    Download HydroSim



    • Fixed a bug that was adding a collider at 0,0,0 world coordinates which is in the middle of some of the courses. Hitting it would cause the boat to crash or get stuck.
    • Fixed issue with the rpm / speed readout dissapearing at certain resolutions.



    • Reverted Unity version. This should fix the crashes and server issues. I sent Unity bug reports, not sure anything will come of that.
    • Also includes the VR hotfix.

    v0.6.2.1 VR Hotfix

    • This fixes a bug when using VR mode that would make it so you couldn't re-join the course.
      This download is completely optional and the fix will be in the next version.
      Download VR Hotfix



    • Fixed some errors that were happening on the dedicated server that was breaking lots of things.
    • Fixed a performance issue with the detailed lap info.
    • Fixe Re-Centering when using SteamVR.



    • Can now toggle Best lap time / speed with Total time / average speed.
    • Can now display detailed lap info for each driver by clicking on their name.
    • HUD is now displayed for some of the camera views in VR.
    • Can now adjust steering sensitivy from the Controls tab in Settings.
    • Many more controls are now re-assignable. See the Input tab when launching the game.


    • Replaced fps/ping (ctrl+f) with fps/memory/network info and graphs.
    • Updated Crest to latest version.


    • Bug with wakes/audio not getting disabled for boats on the course when watching replay.
    • Fixed an error in the dedicated server.
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  • RE: Hello

    @Andrew-Waring I've had issues where sometimes the wheel doesn't get picked up, but if I power cycle the wheel, and restart the game, then its fine.

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  • RE: Hello

    Not sure why the Fanatec wheel wouldn't be working, as far as I know it uses DirectInput like everything else.
    I'm using a Fanatec Forza CSR wheel and ClubSport pedals.

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  • RE: HydroSim Physics testing v0.6.1.0

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've added them to my issue list.

    Ability to re-map all of the available controls will be in the next update.

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