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  • RE: SNHL Season 1

    @Beau-Rarig U-22 Great Scott Presents Matrix Systems 2012

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  • RE: SNHL Season 1

    @Beau-Rarig oh sorry, I'll go with the U-22 Great Scott!

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  • RE: SNHL Season 1

    U-1 Miss Home street 2018

    @Beau-Rarig what's the plan with this many drivers registered? Tough to fit everyone in one server. Not sure if the server can even handle that many. It's capped at 20 right now.

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  • RE: System Requirements?

    @TyEchols Fanatec has some good wheels too, but they can be a bit pricey I have one of their older wheels that is discontinued now, but works really well.

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  • RE: System Requirements?

    @TyEchols System requirements are sort of difficult to figure out. I can only test the game on hardware that I own.

    The game runs well on my computer, I can generally get above 100fps.

    My main system specs are:

    Intel i7 3930k (High end 7 year old CPU)
    Radeon R9 290
    32gb ram

    The performance on Mac will be worse than Windows or Linux due to OpenGL driver support. I also do not own a Mac, so most of my testing is on Windows and Linux.

    From what I can tell, the most important thing for the game to run well is a good GPU.

    I've only briefly tested on Mac, most of the time I can't seem to get the water to show up at all. I have found that MacBook's tend to run extremely high screen resolutions which will negatively impact the performance of the game. I run 1920x1080 on my computer, I'd recommend setting the game's resolution to that or even lower to help with performance.

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  • RE: In-game model art

    @PensiveDolphin Cool I'll take a look at it soon. LOD stands for level of detail. Typically games will have a few models at different resolutions that will swap out at further distances to lessen the load on the GPU.

    I'll take a look at the texture mapping and try to give some tips.

    For the flag, Unity has cloth simulation, so that can be setup in game, just need a flat plane for the flag. The cloth simulation in blender won't be used unless you save it out to a looped animation. Eventually I'll setup wind in game though.

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  • RE: HydroSim Season Participation

    I will try to race, might be a little difficult with the newborn though.

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  • RE: In-game model art

    Nice, that's really good for only just starting in Blender. I tried measuring the bridge in google maps. Looks like its 1145 ft long and about 70ft wide. I'm not sure how tall it is though.

    The road might need to be tiled a bit more, so the stripes aren't so long. Any idea what the triangle count is? We may need to make differen't LODs.

    Also if the flag is flat, can probably make it into cloth in Unity and have it actually wave around.

    Edit: Hmmm, wikipedia says 2,520 ft long.

    Shoot me an updated model when you get a chance, I can try importing into the game, so we can see what needs to be adjusted.

    Another edit: Found some more dimensions here:


    • Length of largest span: 520.0 ft.
    • Total length: 2,521.1 ft. (0.5 mi.)
    • Deck width: 63.3 ft.
    • Vertical clearance above deck: 18.3 ft.
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  • RE: In-game model art

    @PensiveDolphin wow, that's looking pretty good. I see you already emailed it to me.

    Did you set up texture maps for it?

    Also, I used an asset called easy roads in Unity to make the San Diego bridges. I just made a small section of the bridge and a pillar. Then it procedurally generates it with a road using splines.

    The blue bridge would be more difficult since it has that large blue truss section. That could easily just be a separate model though.

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  • RE: HydroSim Alpha v0.5.2.1

    @doublejays18 I've been having issues getting it to show up on Mac in the Standalone build, I can't figure it out, it shows up in the Unity Editor on Mac and the other Standalone builds. I don't have a Mac, so its hard to test, I've been trying to borrow my co-worker's any time I get a chance.

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