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  • RE: Can't set left/ right axis on VRS wheelbase

    @markmoddy it's really hard to figure out unless you have the input debugger open in the unity editor. Have you tried the latest version of the game that I released that has direct input support? That should just work if you enable the prefer direct input toggle. Though there have been some issues (mainly with Logitech wheels).

    See post here:

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  • RE: crashes

    @kebos Can you attach the player.log file here?

    It's located in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\HydroSim\HydroSim.

    Someone else was having crashes in windows 11 and it seemed related to having their wheel plugged in I think.

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  • RE: HydroSim v0.8.1.1

    @low12a I will try to have another build up tomorrow that should fix some things. In the mean time, (without the game running) try deleting the inputBindings file in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\HydroSim\HydroSim and rebind the steering input.

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  • HydroSim v0.8.1.1



    1. Fixed Force Feedback bugs.
    2. Fixed DirectInput D-pad input bugs.
    3. Fixed bug where super admin couldn't change courses.
    4. Fixed bug where hosting, leaving, hosting again would make it so you couldn't spawn.
    5. Fixed a race condition when initializing Direct Input devices causing things to fail.


    1. Made Direct Input opt-in by allowing user to toggle whether or not to Prefer Direct Input or Raw Input when binding controls. The toggle can be flipped when binding individual controls, in-case something doesn't work with one or the other.

    Bundle Updates

    1. Fixed ability to hide driver/wheel, it was not working.

    Windows Download
    Linux Download
    Mac Download



    1. InputSystem now uses custom DirectInput plugin as it should have better hardware support. (See note below)
    2. Added ability to hide Driver and or steering wheel in cockpit view via General Settings.
    3. Made minimal RaceLobby UI more broadcast friendly
    4. Added referee role to servers. Added ability for super admin to now control server settings. Set passwords, change server name, etc.
    5. Added ability for referees to add Penalty Under Review to drivers.


    1. Fixed various bugs

    Bundle Updates

    1. Added support for hiding driver/steering wheel
    2. Adjusted driver arms on Unlimited slightly

    DirectInput Notes

    • All Controls will need to be re-mapped in your Control settings before you can drive.
    • The Input System is now fed by a custom Direct Input plugin that I wrote. It's been tested with several devices that didn't work with the old system. Please try this out and post any wheel/pedal/input device issues in the #hydrosim-bug-and-issues channel on discord or as a reply to this post.
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  • RE: Can`t get any sound

    @skid2206 The only thing I know of that causes this is if you copied the beta on top of an existing install.

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  • RE: using keyboard

    @smity199m You can, but it's really hard to drive with keyboard, especially turning or using the canard, because it's not analog. If you have a game console, you could probably use the gamepad from that.

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  • RE: Other boats doing flips and acting erratic

    @low12a I don't know a lot about laptop specs. One thing I usually check when people ask is how old the parts are. From some Google searching, that CPU and GPU were launched in 2013. That's 9 years old.

    To put it in perspective. I didn't even start working on the game until 2016. So...while it's possible those components could perform better than what you have now. I couldn't guarantee that it would be playable. I wouldn't recommend spending money on that.

    If you're going to get a computer with low-end or mid-range components, you're likely better off getting something newer. If you're getting a computer with older components, it's more likely they need to be high-end / top of the line.

    The reality is that as more things are added to the game the higher the minimum specs will keep getting, so you don't really want to be at the floor performance wise. I try to optimize the game as much as possible, but there's only so much I can do.

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  • RE: Other boats doing flips and acting erratic

    @low12a Yeah, unfortunately, there's not really anything I can do about that. That computer is pretty underpowered.

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  • RE: Other boats doing flips and acting erratic

    @low12a you would need to upload the video to YouTube or somewhere and paste a link.

    But it looks like you're only getting 8fps, which is likely the problem. Try reducing the graphics quality (Fastest), lower the game resolution, turn off Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Water Reflections, set trees to billboards or off. If you can't get 60fps without other boats, it will likely be unplayable trying to race.

    What are your computer specs? CPU, GPU, memory?

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  • RE: Other boats doing flips and acting erratic

    @low12a It sounds like your network is dropping lots of packets, are you on wifi? It might be helpful if you could take a video with the fps/network info visible (ctrl+f).

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