TNH Modern Season 18

  • 2014 U-21 Lakeridge Paving (Tri-Cities)

    I probably won't be able to use Discord since it crashes my game right now.

  • @cp65 Just a thought....I use discord on my phone versus computer

  • Hi All,

    I hope to do some racing this season. I am open to a few boats.

    DegreeMen (going to need some to keep Cool๐Ÿ˜Ž) if anyone wants it I'll go

    oh boy Oberto. Not sure if the 2013 was U1 or not.

    stop freakin call Becon.

    I sure like how we try to copy that race year. Have we ever done it that you have to pick boats that ran that year (give or take a year?)

  • @Aputich If we ran a season where we had to pick boats from a single season, then the amount of boats to choose from would be small, which could mean less participation.

  • Did some practice laps at San Diego. 51.690. The Hoss is ready.

  • We did do 1 season of only the 2013 season I think the year that graham trucking was u1 thereโ€™s a lot of boats from that season in the game.

  • Pete Schille says he wants the U-30 Domino's Pizza.

  • @Mickey that's pretty cool. I am pretty new and have not read all the forums so this may have been a discussion. I think I read there has been some different rules at different times. But am courious on others thoughts on how it was.

    over the years (some times it was painful too) the different race rules that were in place in certine decades of H1. Have we replicated different race formats from the year we are replicating. I.E. assigned lanes, or lane choice are a couple that just pop up.

    I'd like to know your thoughts.

  • I think before I started racing rfactor they did assigned lanes. When H1 was doing the 1 minute bouy (my favorite ๐Ÿ˜)we did it too.

  • I hated assigned lanes since it rewarded consistently good finishes. So if you make even one mistake in any heat, you pretty much have almost no chance to win.

    I liked the 1 minute bouy rule though since it prevented the boats from trolling down the backstretch and pretty much parking in the inside lanes, forcing those of us who don't troll to start on the outside all the time. The only way to get a good lane was to abandon your own strategy and troll with the rest of the field. Fortunately, the minimum speed rule fixed that problem.

  • registered-users

    When we first started the only milling rule was that you couldn't come to a complete stop. I felt that this benefited people trying to make a flying start on the outside the most because you'd end up with people trolling so hard to get the inside they'd have no speed at the start. However there tended to be way too many boats running into each other with this setup.

    From there we added a score-up buoy as the entrance pin to the last turn, once you hit that buoy before the start you were no longer allowed to make lane changes, you had to maintain that lane all the way through turn 1.

    From there we tried some other things like 1 minute score-up on exit of turn 1. I didn't like this as it required an extra judge to watch the score-up.

    Then we did minimum speed at 50mph in UHL races, but TNH did 80mph. I think that was just to copy the H1 rules. Personally I liked the slower 50mph speed limit.

    TNH did some assigned lane racing also, but like CP said, it made the racing more un-even and fighting for lanes is part of the fun.

    Minimum speed with score-up at entrance to turn 2 before the start seems to be the best solution.

  • @Scott-Przybylski thank you for sharing!

    It's neat to see that many of us share the same passion of unlimited hydroplanes and competitive racing.

    Scott now that you mention the wreck part to the no speed minimum, I could see where this could be a challenge for the less experienced drivers like myself. And with my limited perspective that I have with other race courses besides San Diego I was courious to how others liked this format. particularly with the San Diego course where lane 1 pretty much wins with current rules I was just thinking about some other options and if the group has a place they discuss this type of thing? Not that I am trying to start any change! Just out of couriosity. we have seen h1 change the rules throughout the season depending on which course. Besides, if you're not rubing your not racing right ๐Ÿ˜‰ And B Rig bringing up the point of being inclusive. Thank you.

    race ๐Ÿ you on Wednesday!

  • @cp65 good point on assigned lanes. Thank you!

  • @Mickey I'd really like to try the 1 min buoy format sometime. Seems like fun. Thank you!

  • If we want to try assigned lanes we can do the 91 season every heat including the final the lanes were drawn at random.

  • Gene Melang says he wants the U-74 Olympia Beer.

  • @Mickey if you ever host a race with assigned lanes I'll definitely give it a shot. With that format do you do the reversals? Example Winner of 1a starts on outside in round 2 and last place gets lane 1?

  • U-10 Winston Eagle White!

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