Console Contoller

  • I am trying to use a console controller which I thought would be plug and play however I am having an issue with the game not recognizing the joystick... does anyone have any thoughts or is it just not compatible?

  • I use a controller, specifically a made-for-PC controller, but PS4 controllers work with the game just fine in my experience. Xbox controllers can be finicky. You have to put the input for the joysticks yourself. Go to the input tab and bind "rudder" to a joystick axis. Same with "canard" with the 2nd joystick.

  • @DJ-Miller SO I tried to go to input but it will only let me click the Joystick. When I move it to a direction it wont recognize it.

  • What kind of controller are you using? Also be sure the input is just "Rudder" and "Canard", not "Rudder(+)" or "Rudder(-)".

  • @DJ-Miller you answered my question thank you!

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