SNHL Season 2 Race 2 - Madison APBA Gold Cup

  • Race #2 of SNHL Season 2, Madison APBA Gold Cup is November 16th.

    Qualifying: Friday, November 15th at 6pm
    Race: Saturday, November 16th 5:30pm

    Please let us know if you will be attending the race or not here

    Qualifying format will follow H1 rules: Qualifying order will be in the reverse of the national high point standings.

    The Gold Cup format will be 4 flights of heats, followed by the Consolation Heat and the Final Heat. The Heat races will be 4 laps and the Final Heat will be 5 laps.

    Preliminary Heats and the Consolation Heat will have a maximum of 5 boats per heat. The Final Heat will have 6 boats (the 6th boat being the trailer). The winner of the Consolation Heat will be the trailer in the Final Heat. The trailer must start 5 seconds behind in the final heat.


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