HydroSim Physics testing v0.6.1.0-p6

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    way too flighty, cant make a lap. let it fly at all and it just lifts off. also cant seem to make a turn in madison without needing to put wing into it to get it to bite and turn.

    would be ideal to get it to float a little, spill air once or twice then flip. that would be realistic.

    nice job mate.

  • I think the boat just needs to be loosened up a bit in general but I like the new physics because it's more realistic. To be good at this game before, you had to really fly the boat and pull off ridiculously long wheelies. In this newer version its more about keeping the boat on the water as using the wing to fly the boat is a lot less forgiving. The point of no return is a lot closer to how it is in real life in this version.

    It's all about picking your battles when to fly the boat and setting up for the corner

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    I like the new physics. Yes the boat lifts quick. We all had to get use the new mod when we started. Like anything it takes time to get use to using the wing more. And like I read in Peytons post. You’ll have to pick your battles for pushing it. I think it puts everyone on a even playing field. I feel it’s more realistic now. When you use more wing in the turn it responds better and can hug the buoys without your back end sliding out as much. Great job. Can’t wait to drive it in competition with everyone.

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    @PeytonHopp a real hydro is alot less forgiving than this sim was in this new version. ifthe point of no return in real racing was like it was in this test, there would be blow overs every heat imo lol im not saying it should be dialed back to the way it was. im just saying dial it back a little, itll be difficult just to complete a race with it like this.

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    @jeffdewalt in real boat racing you dont need to use the wing to get around a turn, the fin hooks up to get you through turn. if youre talking realistic- the wing is always in positive life as soon as the fin hooks up. watch any onboard videos, you dont see good drivers with wing into it at apex / exit to get around the turn.

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    I know the wing is in the neutral position. And you invert the wing to give more lift through the turn. and I know that the skid fin hooks the boat up to turn. I agree it's a little touchy on the lift but more challenging. There's a real fine line to find though in sim I'm sure. Let's hope that whatever Scott comes up with it's what everyone is comfortable with and can be fast and competitive and doesn't allow for Wheelies......The more realistic the better.

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    @jeffdewalt wing should be in lift not neutral

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    That's what I meant to say Tyler. I apologize for the incorrect terminology. I was answering the post at work and I had a brain fart for words. meant to say lift not neutral.

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    @Scott-Przybylski said in HydroSim Physics testing v0.6.1.0-p4:



    I like the direction it's going. I can't speak to the realism, but it seems more fun to drive. It's a little more forgiving and drivable, until you get to the edge, and then it's insta-flip and you're dead.

    Would it be possible to get some more down angle range on the canard? It seems like we have lots of lift, but when I push the control all the way down, the wing is just at neutral or a little past.

    I think in unlimiteds they do need to settle the nose down before a turn. You can hear them talking about that on the radio.

    Turns still feel way too 'skidded' to me. These boats carve their turns, don't they?

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    @craigmont Maybe eventually we could set our own canard range!

  • @PeytonHopp Peyton FYI, on the Unlimiteds and GP's the pivot point of the front wing is about 1/3 of the way from the front of the wing to the rear edge of the wing Jerry Hopp. Just found this web site again, been maybe 10 years ago??? Re-Registered.

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    Update up! Merry Christmas!

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