Time to retire Hydromod

  • With the first season of HydroSim complete it is time to retire Hydromod. And what better way then to run 3 final race nights one for each class. We'll kick it off Friday Feb 8th with the GP race on the Madison race course. The race will be run under HRL league rules. Saturday Feb 23rd we'll run the Vintage boats on the San Diego course. The normal H1 rules will be used except no speed limit and no DMZ zones(no cutting in the turns). The last race will be Saturday March 2nd we'll run the Modern boats at Detroit. It will be the current H1 rules and you can pick real or fantasy boats. Please reply to this post with what race and what boat you want to drive. So come out have some fun and say good bye to Hydromod.

    Modern boat list
    U-10 Close Call Mickey Washburn
    U-3 Chrysler Jeep 2014 Eddie Kanfoush
    U-55 Miss Mopar Jeff DeWalt
    U-00 Miller American 1987 DJ Miller
    U-1 Miss Budweiser Beau Rarig
    U-00 Atlas Van Lines Chris Porten
    U-100 KISW Miss Rock Saxon Hopp
    U-100 Mirage Boats Peyton Hopp

    GP boat list
    UL-16 The Alamo Mickey Washburn
    GP-50 Intensity Eddie Kanfoush
    GP-7 Long Gone Jeff DeWalt
    UL-00 Atlas Van Lines DJ Miller
    UL-56 Miss Diagnosed Beau Rarig
    UL-19 Interstate Batteries Chris Porten
    UL-15 Mike's Hard Lemonade Saxon Hopp
    UL-14 Miss Critical Logic

    Vintage boat list
    U-60 Miss Thriftway Mickey Washburn
    U-62 Miss Thriftway Too Kallen Washburn
    U-77 Miss Chrysler Crew Eddie Kanfoush
    U-32 Hallmark Homes Jeff DeWalt
    U-77 Miss Wahoo DJ Miller
    U-12 Miss Budweiser Beau Rarig
    U-64 Miss Vernors Chris Porten
    U-8 Parco's O-Ring Saxon Hopp
    U-8 Hawaii Kai III Peyton Hopp

  • Eddie Kanfoush
    Modern: U-3 Chrysler Jeep 2014
    Grand Prix: GP-50 Intensity
    Vintage: U-77 Miss Chrysler Crew

    (Also, bold move taking the 15 before either of the Hopps had a chance lol)

  • registered-users

    Modern-Miss Mopar

  • If I can figure out how to get mine to work I will race

  • Nicholas Miller
    Modern Unlimited: U-9 Jones Racing (2014 Detroit Scheme)
    UL/GP: UL-00 Atlas Van Lines
    Vintage Unlimited: U-77 Miss Wahoo

    I never got to play HydroMod in it's heyday, so this will be a fun chance to give it a whirl to see what it was like to race in.

  • Mickey you sick s.o.b. taking my boat the 15. lol

  • You can have it 😁

  • I was joking bud. but if you insist

  • Beau Rarig
    UL-56 Miss Diagnosed
    U-12 Miss Budweiser (Vintage, 1968)
    *I might not make this race
    U-1 Miss Budweiser (T-6)
    *I might not make this race

  • Chris Porten
    Modern: U-00 Atlas Van Lines
    Grand Prix: UL-19 Interstate Batteries
    Vintage: U-64 Miss Vernors

  • saxon hopp
    UL: UL-15 Mike's Hard Lemonade/Happy Go Lucky
    vintage: U-8 Parco's O-Ring Miss
    Unlimiteds: U-100 Kisw Miss Rock (Jack barrie)

  • Peyton Hopp
    Modern: U-100 Mirage Boats (black and maroon)
    UL: UL-14 Miss Critical Logic
    *Vintage: U-8 Miss Hawaii Kai III

    *May not make the Vintage race

  • Can I change my modern unlimited? U-00 Miller American '87.

  • Yeah no problem

  • Ok, I'm currently doing some testing, but I am going to TRY and have Miss Madison there tonight...

    Jason Fitch
    U-6 Miss Madison

    Oh also, the Vintage boats have 3 categories, 50's, 60's and 70's Do these matter or do I have the wrong Mod?

  • Ok Modern night

    Jason Fitch
    U-6 Holsett Miss Madison

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