HydroSim Alpha v0.5.2.2

  • Uhhh, in the Tri - Cities it was 100 degrees and they still raced?

  • I think it was money that stopped the boats from coming to Qatar, and god damn I hate Jimmy Shane.

  • Also I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but I’ve had major issues with the server bouys. Some of them sit 20 feet above the water, and some of them go under the water, making it really difficult to run. I have to leave the server and restart my game several times to get the bouys to reset to the right places.

  • @nlj04 He was talking about the political system, not the weather. Also why do you hate Jimmy?

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    Just downloaded on a mac and the water is not showing up.

  • @CanYouFoush @nlj04 Not to be rude but I feel like your guys conversation could be through website messages or discord. Just feels like it is a little off topic with issues and reviews of the update.

  • Cei, you are correct. I don't think this is the place for me and others. Not going to same names, talk about this stuff.

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    @doublejays18 I've been having issues getting it to show up on Mac in the Standalone build, I can't figure it out, it shows up in the Unity Editor on Mac and the other Standalone builds. I don't have a Mac, so its hard to test, I've been trying to borrow my co-worker's any time I get a chance.

  • When someone wrecks in front of you, at the very end of the rooster tail when the wreck happens, there is some kind of physic that you hit if you're at the back way after the wreck happens.

  • 0_1533958527975_tie.PNG

    The scoreboard went crazy because we tied lol

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