HydroSim Alpha v0.5.0.3

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    Another update to address some issues that came up during the exhibition race.



    • Filter out camera water spray effects from players boat. Actually, the boat that the camera is targeting will not add water droplets on screen.
    • Chat auto-scroll should work properly now.
    • Fixed boat spawn locations, so that boats don't spawn on top of eachother.
    • Qualifying session is now private. Only the boat that the camera is targeting is visible, boat collisions disabled. The only caveat is that buoys are still shared and synchronized with the server.
    • Server admin can now reset buoys without restarting the session.
    • Enabled more realistic prop/skidfin spray code which should re-enable the roostertail physics (may need to tweak physics properties after we do some testing).
    • Fixed an issue with practice/qualifying results flickering if drivers have exact same lap time. (Results can still flicker if drivers have the exact same name)

    Download HydroSim v0.5.0.3 (Windows)

  • It works! I got absolutely launched by a roostertail. Awesome!

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    @CanYouFoush Haha, hopefully not tooooo high.

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    Some screenshots of new replay controls I've been working on.

    Controls Hidden

    Camera Select Menu

    Hover Seek Time

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    Another update, been working on the Mission Bay course some more:


    I'm also currently working on scene transitions/loading screens and plan to get course selection/changing done before the next update.

  • Sweet! That looks awesome!

  • Awesome! Really starting to look like Mission bay now, pumped up about how far this game has come and the best part is it's still in its early stages!

    Quick question, does it cost you anything to run all the programs affiliated with the game as well as working on the game engine itself and apply updates?

    If it does, I would be willing to donate a little if it helps out with the programming costs. If not, then keep doing what your doing! Already got a revolutionary hydroplane game here, very excited for whats to come

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