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    • Fixed an issue in the water shader that was causing a pretty huge performance hit.
    • The exhaust guard on the turbine hydro hull was mapped to the wrong texture, it's now mapped to the Hull.dds
    • Made roostertail length shorter to be more realistic.
    • Fixed issue where roostertails would drift inwards in the turns.
    • Fixed issues with roostertail physics.
    • Fixed issue where boats would slide across the water when first spawning onto the course.
    • Fixed a bug where the distance traveled along the race course was calculated using the center of the boat instead of the front. This was causing some issues with gun jumping penalties getting added for legal boats.
    • Fixed an issue with the network stats in the ctrl+f debug display getting cutoff at certain resolutions.


    • Flags are now displayed on the HUD. This will help with awareness of penalties, start, last lap, finish, etc.
    • Current position is now displayed on the HUD.
    • Automated 1-minute pin penalties. The 1-minute pin is at the exit of turn 1 on all courses. This is disabled by default, but can be turned on in the server admin settings under Rules.
    • New nose camera.


    • Updated U-11 J&D's hull texture.
    • Updated the cockpit graphics, mainly pulled some more models/textures from HydroMod and tried to clean it up.
    • Updated Crest water library to latest.

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