SNHL Season 2

  • Mickey Washburn, Saxon Hopp, and I are proud to announce the sophomore season of the Saturday Night Hydro League! This will be the first Hydrosim season that includes both real H1 Unlimited and fantasy ones. The racing format has been slightly changed this year with the major change being the milling period. There will be no speed requirement during the mill, a 1 minute score up buoy (exit pin of turn 1 at every course), and no DMZ's. See the official SNHL Season 2 Rulebook here

    Below is the official SNHL Season 2 schedule (All times are set in Pacific time)
    Oct 26th Southern Cup @ Guntersville, AL 6pm
    Nov 16th SNHL Gold Cup @ Madison, IN 5:30pm (4 heats)
    Dec 14th Columbia Cup @ Tri-Cities, WA 5:30pm (4 heats)
    Jan 4th Homestreet Bank Cup @ Seattle, WA 6pm
    Jan 18th Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Hydrofest @ Detroit, MI 6pm
    Feb 8th UIM World Championship @ San Diego, CA 5:30pm 4 heats

    You can register yourself for the season by commenting on this post with your name and the boat you'll be using. You may use a real H1 Unlimited or Fantasy Unlimited, but please ask for permission to use a Fantasy boat that you didn't paint yourself! Remember that there shall be no more than 2 boats with the same #.


    2019 U-1 Llumar Window Film -Eddie Kanfoush
    2019 U-75 Digital Confectioners presents Depth -Nicholas Miller
    2019 U-43 Notre Dame -Cei Bowen
    2019 U-10 Matt Johnson Design -Matt Johnson
    2019 U-12 Miss Seahawks -Kelsey Best
    2019 U-9 Kramerica presents Miss Vandelay -Mickey Washburn
    2019 U-50 Miss Tri-Cities -Tim Johnson
    2013 U-5 Graham Trucking -Peyton Hopp
    2019 U-1918 Oberto Specialty Meats -Cale Bruce
    1986 U-8 Mr. Pringles -Scott Przybylski
    2019 U-65 Oberto Specialty Meats -Chris Porten
    2019 U-57 Miss Viper -Codee Guyll
    2019 U-31 Super Bee R/T -Jeff Dewalt
    1996 U-11 Miss Exide 2 -David Johnson
    2019 U-67 Miss Sonics -Quinton Miller
    2019 U-16 Red Bull Racing -Jake Bell
    2001 U-100 Znetix -Saxon Hopp
    2019 U-6 Frosted Flakes -Harley Gray
    2019 U-666 Doom Slayer -Noah Johns
    2006 U-16 Miss E-Lam Plus -Matthieu Brown
    2012 U-37 Beacon Plumbing -Luke Nelson
    2019 U-88 Nationwide Insurance -John Ashby
    2019 U-33 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing -Tab Hebert
    2012 U-44 Hormel presents Team Spam -Craig Montgomery
    2019 U-90 Easton Eagles Racing -Nick Kish
    2019 GP-25 H8 Cancer Racing -Gavin McClure
    1998 U-20 Appian Jeronimo -Anthony Luce
    2019 GP-9 Miss Cleopatre -Shawn Halle
    2015 U-96 Miss Elam Plus -Kyle Lewis
    1996 U-15 Aussie Endeavor -Aidan Shan
    2018 U-7 Spirit of Detroit -Tyler Kaddatz
    2001 U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto -Mitchell Adams
    2016 U-11 Peters & May -Adam Frankham
    2013 U-22 Webster Racing -Travis Johnson
    1982 U-00 Atlas Van Lines -Brian Johnson
    1992 U-102.5 Coors Dry -Adam Putich
    2019 GP-52 Wanna Bee Racing -Jay Sedrowski

  • 2019 U-90 Easton Eagles Racing - Nick Kish

  • 2019 GP-25 H8 Cancer Racing -Gavin McClure

  • Hey I would love to join the season... I’m brand new so forgive me if I’m doing this wrong but is it too late to join the season? If not id love drive the U-22 Miss Apian Jeronimo? Let me know. Glad to be here. Game is awesome

  • U-22 Miss Apian Jeronimo. Anthony Luce

  • @HydroLuce Definitely not too late to join! I have to ask, are you in any way related to Brad Luce?

  • @TinyBeard yea brad Luce is pops! My dad had us hooked to the sport since we were three both my brother and I

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can u enter for a single race and not race for points

  • @aidyj88 You can participate in as many races as you want. If you just want to/only have time to make one or two races that's totally fine. You'll still be awarded points based on where you finish since those go into (potentially) making the final heat.

  • GP-9 miss cleopatre - Shawn Halle

  • Kyle Lewis
    First Choice: U-9 Skyway Park Bowl & Casino
    Second Choice: U-96 Miss ELAM Plus

  • question? can u leap frog lanes all the way up until the start or whatever lane ur in until 1 minutes is that the lane u must maintain until the start and or u have a rooster tail lead over others?

  • @HydroLuce Lanes are set at the entrance pin to turn 2 leading up to the start. So from there until the start/finish line you have to hold your lane. Any other time you can leap frog as long as you have a roostertail lead.

  • U-15 Aussie endeavor
    Aidan Shan
    Heads up I’m unavailable for San Diego I have a boat race

  • registered-users

    U-7 Spirit of Detroit - Tyler Kaddatz

  • U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 2001 - Mitchell Adams

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to figure out how to get this running on my computer any help would be appreciated.. If I could get it up and running I would love to race in this League.

  • Adam Frankham
    U-8 Frankham Racing

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